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What Is Body Sugaring?

What is body sugaringUsing sugar for aesthetic purposes is nothing new.  In fact, body sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal with origins in ancient Egypt and Greece.  A body free from hair was considered not only esthetically pleasing, but highly sought after for cleanliness and good hygiene.  Body Sugaring is the purest and most natural way to remove unwanted hair for both women and men.

The sugaring paste is molded  into the skin by hand at lukewarm temperature. It will never burn the skin, it’s environmentally safe. Body Sugaring is the purest and most natural way to remove unwanted hair for today’s women and men.

Because the body sugaring process is so gentle, sugaring paste can be applied more than once to the same area; The paste adheres to and exfoliates only dead skin cells, which then results in a more thorough removal of the hair, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

With Body Sugaring, the hair is removed completely in its natural direction, leaving little to no broken hairs in the follicle.

Located in Kirkland, WA, Sweetspahh Body Sugaring Studio serves clients who live in cities throughout the Seattle, Bellevue metropolitan area.

Advantages of Body Sugaring

Pure and Natural Ingredients

Sugaring paste is made from all natural ingredients with no animal testing.  With Body Sugaring there are no harmful side effects from allergic reactions.  Only sugar, lemon juice and water and so natural you could eat it!

It Is Not As Hot

The sugar paste is applied at body temperature making it safe for all areas, including spider veins and varicose veins since it will not increase blood supply. It will never burn the skin.

The amount of heat needed to liquefy wax can cause burning and scarring. It also causes swelling in the tissues, which makes hair removal difficult. Long term use can breakdown the underlying connecting tissues, especially in the lip and brow areas which is associated with WRINKLING.

It Is Easier To Clean Up

After waxing, the client is usually left sticky. Sugar can be easily cleaned up with water. Clients never feel sticky after Body Sugaring treatments.

It Will Not Stick To The Skin

Wax has been known to remove more than just the hair, since it can adhere directly to live skin cells, which makes waxing painful and irritating. Wax cannot be applied to an area more than once (twice maximum).

Because sugar is water soluble, it cannot adhere to live skin cells.  Body Sugaring will remove the hair and exfoliate the dead skin cells, thus making it safe for dry itch eczema and dry psoriasis, but leaves the new skin intact. It is gentle enough to go over the same area more than once when necessary to remove the shortest and most coarse hair, without causing skin damage or irritation.

It Never Dries
Most waxes must be immediately removed before drying. This means repetitious dipping and stripping, making the process longer than necessary.

Sugar will not dry, so you can work over an entire area without constant dipping and stripping.

It Will Not Break As Many Hairs

One of the most common problems waxers face is early re-growth due to broken hairs. Waxing can leave 15-30% breakage behind. Since wax hardens on the hair, it has the tendency to break it off at the surface, rather than pull it out.
Using our body sugaring technique, the paste wraps around the hair shaft making it pliable, while seeping below the mouth of the follicle and lubricating the hair to make the extraction more complete and gentle.

Body Sugaring is More Sanitary

Cross contamination in a waxing room is always a danger, especially since bacteria will grow inside of a wax jar.

The sugar paste has such a high concentration of sugar, bacteria cannot breed in the jar.

Body Sugaring Can Remove Very Short Hairs

Wax products require two to three weeks growth before treatment when a client is shaving.

Our Advanced Sugaring Technique requires less than 1/8 inch or four to seven days growth, in most cases, even after shaving.

Alternative Hair Removal Methods

There are two categories of hair removal:

  1. Depilation - the removal of hair at the skin's surface
  2. Epilation - the removal of the hair below the skin's surface
Depilation Methods

- Hair is tugged and cut off at (or just below) the skin's surface. Hair grows back darker, stronger and more coarse-feeling. Shaving can cause skin irritation such as razor burn and cuts.

Depilatories - Depilatories are harsh chemicals which work to disintegrate hair at the hair line, almost melting hair and allowing it to be rubbed off. The chemical can be very irritating to the skin, leaving redness and soreness where used.

Abrasives - There are several types of abrasives. They are like a mild sand paper, used to remove fine hair by rubbing it off, leaving the skin irritated.

Epilation Methods

Waxing - Wax is available in various form such as hot wax, cold wax or liquid wax, yet they all share several similarities. All wax products contain chemical, beeswax and/or resins, and are removed using cloth strips or the wax is allowed to harden on the skin and removed by gripping the edge of the wax. The wax is violently pulled off the skin against the direction of hair growth, causing pain and irritation, bruising and hair breakage. Wax must also be heated to a very high temperature in order to become liquefied, which can result in burning and scarring. Clients must have a minimum two to three weeks growth in order to be waxed.

Electrolysis - With this method a fine probe (needle) is inserted into the follicle until it reaches the root. Electricity is then conducted through the needle to kill the hair root. This must be done very carefully and over a prolonged period of time. Electrolysis is time consuming and therefore often costly for large areas of hair. For that reason, many electrologists are combining their services with other methods of hair removal such as sugaring.

Electric Tweezers - Although the electric tweezer is still used, it is not considered permanent hair removal. This method sends an electrical current to the root of each hair by means of a tweezer. Since hair is not an effective conductor of electricity, the current is easily diverted from its intended path and therefore, this method is regarded as unsafe. This process is costly, time consuming, and regrowth occurs relatively quickly.

Tweezing - Removing hair with tweezers is an old and mostly unimproved technique. Today, women generally limit tweezing to the eyebrows. It is painful and time consuming - and often needs to be done two or three times a week for a hair-free brow. 

Before & After Care


Most women are more sensitive during their menstrual cycle, so we recommend that your appointment not be within a week of your cycle, either before or after.

Do not exfoliate 24 hours prior to your treatment as this could cause the skin to be overly sensitized.

Avoid using any oil or moisturizing creams, particularly 1 to 2 days prior to your appointment, as these can affect the sugaring process.


Exfoliation should be avoided the day of and the day after treatment as your skin is already going to be sensitive from the sugaring.  Most of these aftereffects will fade or disappear within 30 minutes of your treatment.

Skin Spotting: Tiny red spots may appear on the skin for a few hours, or even a day or so in some cases.  This is known as pinpoint bleeding, and indicates that the hairs have been removed from the follicle and it is quite normal after a treatment. They will disappear, and with regular treatments will no longer appear.

Sensitive Skin: To take away any sting and reduce redness, apply an ice cold compress two to three times for about 2-3 minutes at a time.

Do not use perfumed soap or products with chemical irritants on treated area within 24 hours of your treatment.

Face: To quickly reduce any redness to the area, wrap an ice cube in a wet cloth and apply it to the treated area 5 or 6 times at one hour intervals. You may develop some whiteheads in this area but they seldom appear with subsequent treatments.

Beware of Sun Exposure: After your treatment, your skin may sunburn more easily so be aware of exposing your skin to the sun and any infra-red lamp or solarium. You should not receive a treatment if your skin is sunburned.  Use sunscreen daily!

Please do not use a razor or depilatory creams between appointments. Be sure not to exfoliate the day before, the day of, or the day after the treatment. 


Why is sugaring better than waxing?
Wax has many chemical ingredients while sugaring paste is made from 100% natural ingredients.  Wax must be heated to a very high degree in order to become liquefied.  This amount of heat can cause burning and scarring.  It also causes swelling in the tissues, which makes hair removal difficult.  Long term use can break down the underlying connective tissues, especially in the lip and brow areas which causes wrinkling.

Does it hurt?
Yes.  But definitely less than waxing.  Come on…we’re ripping hair out of your body, there is going to be some pain involved.  If you’ve been shaving, your first treatment will be the worst because the hair bulb is large and strong.  The more treatments you have with regularity, the weaker the hair root becomes and the process gets easier and less uncomfortable.  My clients who have waxed prior to sugaring state that sugaring is much less uncomfortable than waxing, the skin doesn’t hurt afterwards, and all continue with sugaring as their method of hair removal.

How many treatments until the hair growth is diminished?
Everyone is different, including their hair growth.  Depending on how dense the hair growth is on each individual, it can range from 18 months for people with light hair growth to 3 years or more for people with heavy growth.  Regularly scheduled appointments are a must to see a noticeable difference.

How long does the hair have to be?
Normal length should be at least 1/8” to be removed.  For a client who has never sugared (or waxed for that matter) before, ¼” length is better, because of the large, strong hair bulb.

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Hair removal SeattleWelcome to SweetSpahh® Body Sugaring Studio, the sweet choice for all your hair removal needs.  We invite you to visit our body sugaring studio in Kirkland, WA, where we offer professional hair removal services. SweetSpahh serves clients from all over Western Washington including Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Kirkland, and all of greater King County. 

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At SweetSpahh® we focus on professional body sugaring as the preferred natural and purest method of hair removal for both women and men, using only the finest body sugaring products.

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